Electronic Leaf Easy to Use Mist Controller

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The misting controller that works like a leaf! ‘Leaf’ works on the principal of evaporation. The weight of the mist settling on the stainless steel ‘leaf’ screen turns off the solenoid, when the water evaporates, the ‘leaf’ rises and the cycle starts over by turning on the solenoid valve starting another cycle.Great for Mist propagation. Adjustable leaf. Made of stainless steel
Each electronic leaf is supplied with a 24 vold AC transformer attached with 20′ of bell wire
Easy to install – simply place on the misting bench, balance the ‘leaf’ and attach the wires to your solenoid valve (solenoid valve not included)
Electronic Leaf housing is made of durable stainless steel
Leaf is adjustable to provide more or less moisture to plants or cuttings

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