TrueCraftware Electronic Bug Zapper Mosquito Trap and Killer Insect Killer Lamp,Eliminates Mosquitoes Fruit Flies and Flying Gnats (4 Pack)

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Keep away from insects!Create a comfortable home environment!

Create a Bug-Free Zone

The mosquito zapper is designed to spread UV light, thus it is effective for a large coverage area of up to 100 square feet. It is ideal for office, kitchen, bedroom, nursery, etc.

Safe and Environment Friendly

Truecraftware mosquito zapper is harmless to pregnant women and children because there is very little sound or radiation while working. The mosquito zapper has the advantages of simple structure and reasonable design. It’s free of chemicals, poisons, breathable toxins and foul smell.

How to Use

1. Plug unit into a socket of a 110-240V AC wall outlet and switch on.

2. The light attracts insects into an electric metal line.

3. High electric field can kill insect immediately.

4. Switch off and pull the plug out of socket.

5. Open the cover and remove dead insects from inside.

6. It is recommended that the mosquito zapper could be left on when users go out of the house.

7. It is recommended that users could switch it on and turn off lights of bedroom three hours before sleep.

Security Warnings

1. Please always keep out of the reach of children.

2. Please make sure the local voltage should be suitable for the mosquito zapper before use.

3. DO NOT touch electric metal line inside product when it works.

4. DO NOT use in bathroom or any other rooms close to water.

5. For indoor use only. Never use in barns, stables and other similar places where flammable vapors or explosive dust is likely to exist.

6. No washing. No touching the mosquito zapper until it cools down.

Package Includes

4 X TrueCraftware Bug Zapper

★【HOW DOES IT WORK?】Truecraftware bug zapper use the strong phototaxis and thermotaxis of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes into the lamp, and killing by the high voltage.
★【DOES IT DO HARM TO HUMAN OR PETS?】Truecraftware bug zapper is environment-friendly. No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. Get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays. Safe for children, family and pets.
★【IS IT EASY TO USE?】Truecraftware bug zapper is small, it’s very easy to carry and use, whether in your house, in motor homes, or in a hotel. It does not take up much space in your suitcase. Just plug into socket, this mini mosquito killer effectively kills mosquitoes, black flies and other flying insects.
★【IS IT EASY TO CLEAN?】To clean dead mosquitoes, ensure the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet and then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release. Remove the lid and clean mosquitoes or gnats with tissue or a small brush.
★【DOES IT HAVE GUARANTEE?】Package includes 4 packs Plug-in bug zapper. We offer a 30 days warranty. If you are unhappy about the quality of our product, we will exchange it with a free one. If you are not satisfied with our products, we will guarantee to provide you with a full refund.

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